G.S. Corsa is a natural extension of the Corsa brand and all it encompases. 


Gruppo Sportiva (G.S.) Corsa is the cycling component of the Corsa brand. 


G.S. Corsa is neither a team nor a club in the way we know these things to exist in the sporting world.  Cycling teams tend to obsess on cycling performance and the concept of 'crushing ones' oponent' is the goal of these teams or groups of like-minded (mostly) males. Our ideal is that cycling is meant to be an enjoyable pursuit and the important physical aspect of our Eat.Drink.Ride  mantra. 


The G.S. Corsa ideal is one where culture perpetuates a mind-body balance. We view the cycling component as the yin to the Drink/Ride's yang.

Our goal is to promote a balanced lifestyle full of vitality, engagement and positive energy. Food and wine play an important role in the sense that they too are culturally engaging and nourishing our phsyche' while the act of cycling engages our body and creativity. Too much of any one this "triumvirate" can put the others out of balance and it takes a dedicated intelligence to appreciate the true importance of the Mind-Body connection.


While the Corsa business model is built on the platform of Dolomite Road Cycling culture and wines from hillside vineyards in Northeast Italy, the concept of Eat.Drink.Ride and G.S. Corsa are universal and should be seen as a "local" pursuit.

The G.S. Corsa by Giordana Short Sleeve Jersey features a relaxed fit and the utilitarian features of a CamLock Zipper and reflective strip on the rear pocket, but state of the art fabric is the highlight of the G.S. Corsa Jersey. The Michron Ceramica is a triple threat, combating UV rays and odor as well as managing moisture to keep the rider cool and dry. Michron Ceramica is ideally suited for the sublimation process, providing Giordana's designers and design partners work with a high tech canvas on which they can create a wide range of graphics with impeccable detailing.



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