Eat well, pedal hard. Nothing is a more central influence on the culture of Road Cycling than the concept of coffee.

Coffee represents- exactly like wine- more than just a beverage. It is the greatest single expression of any agricultural bean that when consumed, allows for an important respite from hours of suffering and the pedaling motion.

Alfredo Binda was the 1st rider to win 5 Giro d'Italia's. The Corsa Coffee Binda's blend, inspired by Binda's pursuit of greatness, shows quite little regard for subtlety. Boldly roasted, it mirrors Binda's attacking and winning style that yielded him 5 Giro wins, 2 Milan- San Remo crowns & 4 Giro di Lombardia victories. His greatness was being able to combine the strength of a one-day Classics rider with an incredible climbing prowess.

Micro Roasted in Los Angeles by City Bean Coffee, the Binda's Blend is a thick smoky blend with intense flavors, utilizing coffees from Central America. From the Arabica (finest species) bean, Corsa Coffee works with estates that handpick their coffee and have several harvests during the season to ensure ripe top quality coffee with maximum flavor. City Bean works closely with the estates and knows the origin and growing conditions of the beans. As with Corsa wine, Corsa coffee looks strongly at sustainability criteria, such as a farm’s sensitivity to the environment in which it grows coffee (soil, flora, animal life, etc.), health of a farm’s workforce, and education of the children of a farm’s workplace. City Bean roasts all Corsa Coffee to order in small batches for the highest freshness standards available in the oldest roaster of its kind, a 1926 Probat roaster. In 1926, Alfredo Binda won the Giro d'Italia & Giro di Lombardia. Hence the inspiration for this blend.


You Tube Link to Alfredo Binda racing in the 1927 Giro d'Italia.





Mangia Bene Pedale Forte"

Corsa Coffee 1 pound 16$

Mangia Bene Pedale Forte

Corsa Coffee 2 pounds 30$

Corsa Coffee 3 pounds 40$

Corsa Coffee 5 pounds 70$